Thursday, November 16, 2006



I got to watch one of my favorite shows last night ...


I haven't been able to watch it since I started playing music on Monday nights.
I'm very excited that it has moved to Wednesday nights now.
I like her as an actress and I like her flaws ...
I mean that nicely.
It makes her human.

Her hair is sometimes a mess ... like mine.
Her teeth are crooked ... like mine.
Her clothes don't always fit her just right ... like mine.
Depending on the angle of the camera she sometimes shows her less attractiveness ... like I have.

I like that about her show.

On so many shows people look like they just got off of the modeling run way.
I'm serious!

All the guys are sporting six pack abs ...
All the women are showing their boobs ...
Where did modesty go?
What happened to it?
It seems to have disappeared somewhere along the way.

I don't like the implication that men and women have to be perfect
and it makes me angry to see our television shows portraying that to our society and our young people who already have enough pressures to worry about without adding more.

Don't get me wrong ... I have boobs too ... you're just not going to see them hanging out like that.
I have self-esteem already and don't need to get it from people looking at my boobs or my butt crack hanging out of my pants.

Sorry to get off on a soap box,
but this really does affect people.

I know.

I used to be anorexic and it was very difficult to get over.

It took years.

Part of my recovery was to have to eat in front of someone at every meal.
It used to really make me angry to have to eat in front of someone and have to eat it all.
I can remember it making it hard to swallow to have someone sitting there watching me.

But I got over it.
I'm fine now.

People need to know that if they are healthy and feel good ...
that's what beautiful is.
It isn't a pant size or a bra size ...
It's the beauty that is within you shining through that is important.

Let's all start shining!!!!

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