Thursday, November 16, 2006


A Tall Tale ...

for those of you who thought I was telling a "tall tale" the other day,
specifically Bill and Doug ...
here is the proof that the sycamore leaf I was telling you about really IS that big.
Here's a picture of it and you can see that it measures 24 inches in width.
Doug has since seen it,
but I wanted to be sure you all had a chance to see it too.
It's amazing how big it is.


You can read more about it on Larry's blog, River Rambles,
listed on my side bar links.

Thanks Larry!

You're welcome, Ava! And thanks for the plug!
You don't have to convince me of the size of a sycamore leaf because we have a sycamore tree in out back yard and I love it for its wonderful shade and canopy. You can even stand under it and not get wet in a rain shower.

Our leaves are so big that they won't fit into a leaf shredder, so Jimmy has to run over them with a lawn mower instead, in the fall.
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