Thursday, November 16, 2006


Time for music!!!!

It's a big music weekend this weekend.

Of course it is Thursday,
which means music at La Gondola and North Ely Opry.
Only 11 hours, 20 minutes and 30 seconds until Ely Opry time!!!!!
Can't wait to see everyone.

This is also the Bluegrass Festival in Hannibal all weekend.
I'm going to be playing there Friday afternoon and Friday night.
Then again on Saturday afternoon and Saturday night.
The Opry is also playing at one of the nursing homes Saturday night.
That will be fun as well.

I met the North Ely Opry group at the Bluegrass Festival last year.
I've been playing and singing with them ever since.
Life hasn't been the same since!
And I mean that in a good way!
They're a great group of people.

I'm excited to get to the festival and play with some of the groups there.
It's always good to hear what other groups are playing and learn some new tunes with them.
I'm not afraid to walk in by myself and join a group ...
that's what I did last year.
Oh, it was intimidating ...
but I did it anyway.
People generally welcomed you in ...

Then I'm playing at a church Sunday morning and singing.
Doug and I did that last week and it was fun.
I need to get back to singing every day like I used to so I can sing for a longer duration at a time.
Your voice is an instrument and if you don't use it everyday,
it won't always work for you the way you want it to.
Those muscles need a regular work out just like all of your other muscles do!
So ...
That is my November resolution ...
to sing every day for at least half an hour
and do some vocal exercises every day.
Oh, I know ...
you've heard that before ...
but I'm going to do it,
Dang it!

I'll be playing music ALL weekend.
That is fun for me!

I can't wait to get my hands on my belly dancing outfit!
But I can't have it until Christmas.
It's going to make my dancing so fun!!!!
And I'll jingle now!
That is so cool!!!!
I bought myself some earrings to match.
I was going to buy some foot jewelry, but they didn't have any there.
I was very sad.
Maybe I'll get some later.

So now I'll have the flowing pants, a beaded hip scarf, a beaded top and matching earrings to dance in.
I need to get some type of leotard top that's just a half top to wear with it and then I'll be set.
You dance barefoot, so shoes are not an issue.
I do want to eventually get one of those dancers belts with pom poms on it.
The lady in Kansas City that I bought the outfit from said not to do that,
but I like them!!
We'll see.

Well, I still need to buy a card reader,
but will eventually have some pictures for you all.
I'll try to get that done this weekend sometime.
Maybe I'll be brave enough to show you a picture of me in my belly dance outfit ...
or maybe not.

Hope you all have a great weekend.
Stay safe!

Love you all!

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