Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Laundry Day

Well, today was laundry day.
I got it all done!!

Only went out to run one errand today.
Other than that, stayed home in the warmth.
We had plenty of sunshine,
but cold temperatures.
It's going to be a while before all of this snow melts.

It's pretty ...
as long as the roads are clear ...
and you don't slip in it!!!

I practiced banjo for an hour today.
I'm working on a crochet project and crocheted for three and a half hours today.
I'm hoping to have it finished by Dec. 15th.
We'll see ...

My students were all happy because they've had some snow days and no school.
Some of them slept in while others got up bright and early to play in the snow.
Others had to shovel ... they weren't happy.

Hi Ava ~ Great to see you back with us. You have been missed. I am so
sorry there is so much snow over there. It limits your outings and that of your pupils. Take care my friend.
Love, Merle.
The only bad part about snow is having to drive in it. Otherwise I love snow. That's why I left sunny Southern California, so that I could live in place where it snows in the winter! And since I married a "Missouri girl", I think I'm stuck here! :-)
I envy you because of your snow! :-)

We usually don't get it so much here in Finland, especially in SW-corner, in Turku area. So when it is snowing everything 'works' here OK. I like the snow, more than this black and dark!
Hi Ava. Stay warm up there. Our snow is still around from last week. I'm ready to see the brown grass again.
Hi again Ava ~ I posted the last comment, then went back to my mail and found your comment. Great minds think
alike. I hope you will be able to post more often now. Love, Merle.
Laundry!!!! My biggest enemy! It will never be defeated! :-)
It's snowing here too today (Thursday) and it's just taken less than an hour to cover everything. Looks really pretty as long as I don't have to drive in it. The cars are speeding by my house so I don't think it's covering the roads yet...I just saw a salt truck.

The kids are happy here too...a snowday!
You be careful out there, hear?
Oh laundry day - I remember when my room mate and I loaded up our clothes and went to the laudrymatt once a week - we now have a washer and dryer here and feel like we are in the lap of luxsire.

Snow is OK on TV or in pictures - I had enough of it when I was young. Be careful driving in it - it can take you for a spin in a second. Stay safe.
big hugs from gracie... missed ya!
It's raining steady here, all our snow is melting!! Icy when night comes....we may have a green christmas this year; as rain is predicted a few more days yet.. boohOOoo!!

Tree is up, and wishing you Ava, and the fam and your friends and students, a wonderful holiday season!!

I live in northern ontario; and we get tons of snow--will be happy to send it anyone elses way!!

with loving kindness,
Hope you are doing alright. Haven't checked blogs lately be too busy running around to doctors and it looks like it will be the same in Jan. Guess they will get me fixed up. Drop me a line. Be careful if it is still snowing.
Wising you a merry christmas, and a blessed and happy new year, Ava!!

May 2007 be abundant in love, prosperity, opportunity and abundant blessings...

with loving kindness,
Does anyone know what Ava is up to these days? I haven't seen hide nor hair of her in a couple weeks.
Who is?
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Hi Clayton.. I haven't heard a whisper.... IF you see her first, wish her a happy new year from north! : )

Happy New Year Clayton, and Ava's visitors.. missing Ava, like I am, and Clayton.. and others here...

HEY AVA!! Where you are?
Much love to you.. wishing you a blessed New Year 2007 :)
Dear Ava ~~ Just popped in to wish you a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year and with lots of music for you in 2007. Love, Merle.
Hi Ava. Wishing you a Happy New Year.
My dear friend! A new year!!!!!!! 364 days full of joy, happiness, love, harmony, success, and blessings. Hugs!
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