Tuesday, December 05, 2006



I survived the snow storm!!!!
Took three and a half hours to get dug out,
but made it just fine.
Well, except for all of those sore muscles and a wrist that wouldn't work for three days.
Other than that ... all went well.
And I have to tell you ...
I am absolutely in love with my four wheel drive vehicle now.
What a difference it made.

Hope that you all are doing well and warm or cool ...
depending on where you are in the world.


Hi Ava, it's hard to comprehend that whole Cities can be snowbound, none of our Cities or even Towns get snowfalls that are heavy enough to disrupt them, here we only get regular snow in the southern mountains, other places get light falls only occasionally.
I was so glad to have a comment from you. I was beginning to worry that you were snowed in and you were, but so glad that you dug out. I also appreciate my 4wheel drive jeep and front wheel drive car...both are great in snow. I just worry someone will slide into me. *LOL*

Good to have you back!
Three and a half hours of digging? Wow.
Glad you're doing well. I knew your section of the country was having some weather problems.
We had a "snow storm" that left about 1/3 of an inch of accumulation, but I enjoyed watching it fall all day last Thursday. Having moved from Colorado and used to the beautiful snow on a regular basis I miss it (surprisingly). It was nice to see the snow falling in this part of Texas.
Did your transmission explode?? were you worried that it would?...i'm glad the the four wheel drive worked out for you. ;-)
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