Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Good Morning

Good morning to you!

I'm here at the library again.
I was here just a little before 9:00am ...
I'm sleepy ...
And about to fall out of this chair ...
But ...
Hey ...
Here I am!!!!!!

It's almost Thursday!
Only 32 hours until I go to Ely!!!

I'm still playing Celtic and Old Time music in Hannibal with BHP.

Still playing Celtic and Old Time music in Quincy with The River's Edge.

Still playing Bluegrass with The North Ely Opry.

Now singing Country and playing fiddle with our new band, called Break Away.
We make our debut performance this Saturday night,
so please send me happy thoughts and best wishes ...
I seem to be getting a little nervous as the time is drawing nearer.

I'm still teaching piano, guitar and fiddle/violin.
I'm still having fun with it and I enjoy my students very much.

I'm still in love with the Mississippi River.

I have a boyfriend!!!!!!
(more to come on that topic later)
(wink wink)

I may be going trout fishing for the first time.
I haven't been on a vacation in a couple of years.
I decided yesterday that I deserve a vacation!

After the year I've had this last year ...
And did it all without even slowing down ...
I'm out of here!
Vacation it is!

I have many more pictures to share with you,
But they will have to come a little later.

The computer here at the library is too slow at bringing up the comment page,
So ...
That means that I've visited all of your blogs ...
But didn't leave comments.
But I was there and got a peak into the lives of you all!!!
I've missed you!
Go ahead and leave your comments for me.
I'll see them ...
You'll understand why I'm not leaving any.
Maybe it will be faster another day.
I hope so!!!

I'll bring a picture CD with me next time.
Although ...
It may time out while I'm trying to load them.
We'll see!!!!

Have a great weekend!


I'm glad everything is going well with you and I can't wait until you have a computer of your own that is faster than the library's so we can see your pictures.

I'm so glad that you have someone to have fun with. Nothing like a new boyfriend to get you all excited about life again although you do get excited about your music and that's good. You are really keeping yourself very busy being in so many groups and teaching music. Now all you need to do is to find the time to get out there and dance.

Take care.
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