Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Long Time No See!!!

Hello everyone!!!
I'm hoping that you all haven't forgotten all about me and that you'll be in for a visit!! I'm not on line at home, but I am at the library right now. You know ... doing tax stuff ... joy!!!!
I hope all is going well and look forward to hearing from you.
I put the word verification back on, too much crap got posted and that is NOT what I'm all about. If that doesn't stop it, then I'll have to go back to only members getting to leave comments. :(
I have lots of news.
I've been on my own for a little over 8 months now. I'm back in a routine ... no ... not a rut ... just a routine. Not having a routine messes me up!!!
I don't think I have access to email ... the box is full and I'll have to delete everything and then you can email me again.
Yes, still playing lots of music ... banjo, fiddle, mandolin, guitar, piano and Irish whistle. I'm playing my mandolin a lot more than I used to.
I'm a member of a new Country band called "Break Away" and we make out debut this Saturday night! I'm excited about that! I get to sing!!!!! I'm singing, playing rhythm guitar and fiddling some. I'm hoping that it's a non-smoking building. (asthma ... you know)
Yes, I'm still dancing ... although not as often as I used to.
I haven't exercised in I don't know how long ... I still need to get that worked back into the routine!!!
Well, must run.
My love to you all.
I will be back soon with some more of my news to share.

I've missed ya! I was delighted to see your post show up on my bloglines. I am glad to hear you are doing well. I look forward to hearing more about your adventures.
I've missed you too AJ and I'm glad you stopped into the library and posted. I'm glad you are back on a routine and I hope that part of the routine will be to keep in touch more. Have fun with your new music group and I'm glad you are enjoying being on your own.

I hope that your migraine is gone by the time you get this comment...but even with a migraine you still have a bit of creativity I see with that poem of yours.

And yes, I still come by from time to time to check to see if you are back...We haven't forgotten about you.
Here you are!! One of the great things about Bloglines is that I can keep you on there forever and eventually you pop up.

I've missed you, the photos, and your descriptions of the music.

Big hugs.
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