Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Ode To A Migraine

Gloom and despair!
Pain and agony!
Please, won't someone
Take this pain away from me!

Take it away!
Toss it into the air!
I don't want it anymore!
Get it out of my hair!

It hurts and it pains!
I want it no more to be!
Just go away!
Stay away from me!


I am on day 6 of a non stop migraine.
It's getting better ...
But still there.
I'm very medicated!

Oh that stinks! Go to the pharmacy and get some magnesium. Take it every day. My sister who is an herbalist swears by it, and my son who is struck down by a rare form of migraine has started taking a tablet a day with very good success.
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