Thursday, May 03, 2007


Ava and Doug

And here I am ...
with my best friend in the whole world!!!!

Well hi there. Missed you didn't check your blog for a while so didn' know you were back. That is a very handsome best friend. I hope you are doing OK.
Good photo of you two, Ava! Did you take it?
Great photos. I'm looking forward to that weekend too.
Nice photo. You look so happy that you could almost burst. I love your little smile.
Welcome Back!

Missed your happy face and you look even happier in the pic.

Don't stay away so long again.
Hi Ava ~~ I am so pleased to see you back posting again. I have missed you, but hadn't checked for a while.
Doug looks nice and you both look happy. You have a head start with the music you share. My very best wishes to you, my friend. Thanks for leaving a comment. Take care, Love,
Very handsome best friend and you look SO HAPPY...I love your smile.
Nice that you both have music in's a plus and now I know why you always counted the hours until Ely Opry time.
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