Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Happy Week To You!

it's a new week ...
and I am exhausted!

Our band,
Break Away,
played in Clayton Illinois
on Saturday night.
We had a ton of fun.
We stopped to look at
stars on the way home.
It was a great star night!
got home very late.

Then we played with
The North Ely Opry
at the Star Theater
in Hannibal, Missouri on Sunday afternoon.
My picking fingers were still sore from
the night before,
but I had a great time anyway!!!!!

We went to the park afterward for what we
thought was going to be a break...
instead ...
as soon as we laid out our blanket to sit on
and our instruments ...
a swarm of kids came over to listen.
Long story short ...
they were mesmerized by our instruments.
They ended up playing with us for at least an hour.
We had a five year old on the fiddle,
an eight year old on the mandolin,
an eleven year old on the guitar,
Doug on his fiddle,
and I sang (we were out of instruments).

I taught them all how to play the "G chord" and
Doug played songs in the key of G.
It may not have sounded "great"
but it didn't sound "that bad"
and the kids really had a good time!
I've never seen smiles so big!!!

By the time they all left,
we were really exhausted.

Hope you all had a great week,
a great Mother's Day
and a great week this week.

I'll catch up with you on your blogs later!

That was sweet of you guys to take time out for the kids. I'm sure the kids had a really good time and will always remember the people in the park that let them play with their instruments. You might just have sparked an interest in being a musician.

I love star gazing and that's how I thought I spotted a UFO in our area and since then we've seen many UFOs because we live in the vicinity of an Army Depot.
my 5 yr old would have loved this! she begs me all the time to learn to play the violin (she took one semester of suzuki violin when she was 4....but she was the only beginner and it didn't work out)
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