Thursday, May 17, 2007


A Night at the Opry

There I am playing my fiddle!!!

Go harmonica! Go!

That's Anita, Bernard and Danny!

There's Doug and John on their fiddles!
You get the three of us together ...
and ...

There's Danny, Banjo Bob, Garret and Jim.

(in order from left to right)

There's some bluegrass playin' goin' on!!!

Dick says ...

It is pleasing to the ears!

There's Willy on guitar

and Bill with a Pepsi!!!

And you look gorgous, as ever! I have missed you. I send you all my good vibe and friendship.
It all looks like fun; makes me wish I was there. :)
Hi Tangie!!! I have missed you too!!!

Hi Tim! Thanks for stopping in!
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