Wednesday, June 13, 2007


General: Dang!!!!!

I was checking the shelves here at the library
for a book or two that I've been looking for
for a few weeks.
There it was!
I happily laid it in my arms and carried it up to the check out counter.
(Here's the "Dang!" part ...)
Not only did I not have my library card with me,
but in my haste to hurry and get here on time ...
I didn't even have my wallet with me!
Sooooo ....
Drove home ...
got my wallet ...
and here I am ...
at the library ...
this time I get to check out my book!!!!!!

Now I'm curious about the book.
Hey Granny!

The book ...

The Random House Treasury of Favorite Love Poems!!!!

It FINALLY got checked back in!
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