Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Happy Tuesday!!!!

Well, I thought that I had my picture disk with me ...
no such luck!!!

Oh well,
I can still chit chat!

I had a great weekend!
The band played Saturday night and all went great!
I sang my little heart out!

Went for a walk through Steyermark Park.
It was beautiful there.
We had read that there was an old barn and a spring house.
Found the barn ...
But no spring house.
Will have to research that a little further and find
out exactly where that spring house is.
It must be off the "beaten path" because
it was not visible from any of the paths that I was on!

Hello Ava ~~ I am glad to see you posting again, and the walk in the park sounded lovely I see you still enjoy your music and singing. Good for you. Thank you for the comments
and I am glad you enjoyed "Take My Son" It was a good story. Take care, dear Ava, Love, Merle.
Hi Merle!

Thanks for the welcome back! I'm glad to be back on the blog again.
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