Thursday, June 14, 2007


General: Hmmmm ...

I don't have any idea
what I'm doing this weekend.
I guess it will just be an adventure!

Oh, our band is playing
at the Illinois Veterans Home
for their Father's Day dinner.
That will be fun.

Hi Ava ~~ How are you today? I liked
seeing your family photos. Your
grandson is so cute. I hope your neck and shoulder don't give you too much trouble. Thank for your visit and I am glad you enjoyed the posts.
Take great care Ave, Have a great weekend, Love, Merle.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Wish I could see the pictures. The only ones visible here were the tractors.

It's me, not you, and I can't figure it out.
Hope that, with everything you did, you had fun. Hugs!
Hi gals!

Thanks for stopping by the blog and letting me know that you were here.

Love ya!
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