Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Doug: Huh?

which foot is bigger?

ok I won't comment on the fact that you all still have two left feet not pictured.. (grin) but I wanted to say how great it is to have the blog back up. Loved the recent photos of the machines as well as the more personal ones...the tension ..the tension between the players in that marble game back there was just electric. (grin)

Glad to see you are having fun as well as to hear about it.
I'm amazed at how you could possibly have two feet that are of a different size, PLUS the fact that your toes point in the opposite direction of most people. You simply are a wonder! Have you ever thought of joining the circus? (grin)
Hi Ava ~~ I reckon the foot on the left belongs to Doug ???
Thanks for your comments and kind words. Take care Ava, Love, Merle.
Hi everyone!

Yes ... that is my foot and Doug's foot!!!!

How did you guess that?????
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