Thursday, June 07, 2007


Ava: The Perm ...

Hi there!
You know,
I thought I would take you
with me to get my new perm!

Shall we go?

Keep in mind I had just traveled 400 miles
to get to where I was going.
I had just taken my hair down
to get washed.

Looks a little wild?

The chair is waiting!

Time to wash this mess!!!

And the rolling of the hair begins ...

Here's a surprise shot
by the photographer!
(wink wink)

My mom stopped by to

check on the progress.

All rolled up!

And now for the stinky stuff!!!!!!

Aren't I just glamorous
with this bag on my head?
Doug had never seen me look so good!!!

Here he is watch "the show" ...

and ... yes ...

he took the pictures!

And here's the finished product!

I really like it!!!

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