Thursday, June 21, 2007


General: You'll never guess ...

You will never guess what
I did yesterday ...
Oh come on ...
Got it yet??
I'll tell you.
I went to the tanning bed!
It was my first time to ever go.
I was afraid that I would feel to confined
and have a panic attack ...
but it all went just fine.
I was only in it for five minutes.
I have sensitive skin and five minutes
was my maximum time allowed.
It seemed to just fly by.
Am I tan?
No ...
but maybe I will be some day.

As a survivor of skin cancer (and a very deadly form at that), I would caution you about tanning beds. Although as a kid I always wanted to be tan, as an adult I've come to take pride in my fair Celtic skin. Sure, I've endured plenty of jokes, people calling my "whitey" or "Caspar the Ghost". But I'd rather have jokes than be 6 feet under from skin cancer. Just some food for thought.
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