Thursday, July 19, 2007



There's my sweetheart!

Hi Ava ~~ Nice photo of your love and well done on all that walking. That will keep you fit. Thanks for your comments-
the roast lamb I had today was yummy and glad you liked the cows.Take care my friend, Love, Merle.
Handsome, handsome, handsome!!!! You choose well. Promise I am fully clothed when writing this message :-)

Have a fun weekend!!!!
Ava, he's such a cutie! Have a fun weekend.
Hi again Ava ~~ Thanks for your comments. We don't normally get any snow in some ares we did last week. It covers the high mountains. But every few years, we get a few inches
in a few places. Not here, I'm glad to say. Guess you are having much much warmer weather than we are. But it won't be any time before I'm complaining about the heat again. Can't imagine it at the moment.
Take care dear Ava, Love, Merle.
Wow if I was forty years younger - oh well, you did good what a cutie.
Glad you went to visit the horses - I remember you blogging about them and how much you would miss them.
Wow again on your walking - you go girl.
Okay, if you're wondering aout Tanginika's comment ... go check out her blog. :)

Merle ... always love visiting your blog.

Nikki ... thank you!

Doubleknot ... hey, hey, hey! I'll tell you what I tell all of the ladies at the dances we play for ... he's taken!!!!!
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