Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Farming, Loading Corn:

I followed Doug and Bill as they loaded a load of corn into the auger wagon. I tried to stay out of the way so that I didn't cause an accident, but get some pictures at the same time. :) You know how that goes!!! There are more, but here's a few of them.

Doug had to climb inside the bin and scoop toward the auger when the corn quit moving on its own. I didn't get in there, but it sure did look hot in there! That shoveling is hard work. It makes my back ache just to think about it.

More corn...

More scooping ...

Almost done!

This is a good time to express appreciation for all the hard work farmers have to do to supply us with food. I would imagine it is a thankless job sometimes, but we are all dependent on our remaining farmers. It is sad that many children nowadays can only tell you that food comes from a supermarket. "Attaboy" Doug and others!
These are really very nice pictures Ava. Thanks for letting us see what it's all about and making it look so arty in the process.
Also you have a cute model. (grin)
Sarah ... I agree and thanks for the comment. I had not realized how time consuming farming is ... until I started dating a farmer! I've heard people say they are "farmers' widows" during harvest and planting season. Now I know what that means. :)

Joan ... I had fun taking the pictures. Doug just acted like I wasn't even there. Oh, he posed for a few, but in general just worked away.
WOW! I didn't know Doug was a farmer too. Lots of hard work in farming. Love the pictures.
Yep, Doug is a farmer ... and I'm learning patience. I'm a scheduler ... farmers are not. I'm adjusting.
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