Tuesday, July 17, 2007



Friday ...
had a very busy day!!!

Went to Paris, Missouri to Union Covered Bridge
for a picnic and fun.
I waded in the Salt River
and took a ton of pictures,
which I'll show you later.

From there,
drove back into town to
the Paris Old Thresher's show that was going on.
We had a lot of fun there!
Played a little music ...
road on one of the big steam engines ...
got to look at the horses at the horse pull ...
ate some really good food ...
and got to swing on the swings!!!!

From there we went to a Bluegrass Festival
in Vandalia, Missouri.
It was 10:00pm by the time we got there
and we were tired,
so we decided to leave the instruments
in the car and just sit and listen.
It was nice to just listen, chat, and enjoy the music.

It was a good day ...
But boy,
am I tired!!!!

Hey! Just checking in with ya. Sounds like a fun day!

The pictures remind me... I need to get them printed still.
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