Thursday, July 05, 2007



I survived the Fourth of July weekend!!!
That's always a good thing!

Went to see the fireworks display in Hannibal, Mo last night.
They were beautiful!

Had a picnic and played a very long
and vicious game of marbles
with Doug, Tom and Julie.
Doug won.
The game took over an hour!
People were walking by and looking to see what we were doing.

went out on a dirt road to shoot fireworks of our own ...
we weren't the only ones ...
there were about 20 other vehicles full of people ...
lots of fireworks going off.

Julie and I were sitting on top of my car ...
Tom and Doug were shooting fireworks ...
then the police showed up ...
he parked right behind my car with his
lights shining on us ...
Us and the two cars behind me were caught ...
everyone else scrambled!


He checked ID's
and we had to pick up all of our firework stuff
and then he sent us home.

When we left,
our part of the road was very clean!!!!

I can't complain ...
it was a great evening!

Hope that you all were safe and happy as well!
Have a great weekend!

Oh no! Hope the cop was easy on ya'll.
Read your story as something as "How the Police attacked some dangerous Rocket-Terrorists!"

But you survived!
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