Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Ball of Twine:

Now ...
here's a ball of twine for you!!!
I bet you don't have one of this size just laying around the house, in the shop or behind the seat of your pickup truck!!!
Yes ...
that says 43 pounds of twine!
Yes ...
that says 43,000 feet of twine.
Over 8 miles!
Gee ... that's a LOT of twine!

This brings back memories for me! When I was growing up everyone one baled hay into those square bales and they had twine around them that you used to lift them with. I've carried many a bale of hay out to the horses!!! In my memories, I can still hear the "grunt" that escaped my lips when I picked one up!!!!

Oh, I also used to make horse bridles with binder twine. And they worked!

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