Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Break Away:

There's Doug!!!
He plays the mandolin and the fiddle with our group in Clayton, IL.
The ladies there just LOVE him!!!!!
They LOVE his dimples!!!!!!
They are always telling me how cute he is ...
and if they were younger ...
he'd be in trouble!!!!

There I am! I play a tiny bit of fiddle, lots of banjo and my guitar and sing with the group. I always have a great time there. I really enjoy interacting with the crowd and with the dancers. Sometimes they really kick up their heals and do some fancy footwork. One of the dancers does what he calls "double time footwork".

Did you get that focused?????
Dorothy (in pink) is our keyboard player.
The lady in blue (I'm sorry ... all I can think of is Edna and I know that is not right) takes the money at the door.

There's Harold! He plays guitar and the harmonica with the group.

There's Ed. He's one mean drummer!!!!

There's Don! He's sound testing the sound system. He plays the bass and sings!

There's Dorothy again!

Right now we're playing once a month. I always have fun and can't wait for the next time to get here! I really enjoy singing for them and playing my banjo!

Watch out for the ladies...they might steal him..:-)
No doubt! I have to fight them off all of the time!!!!!
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