Tuesday, August 07, 2007



When we go walking at the farm, we always walk through the cows at some point in the pasture. The younger ones are always very curious and often approach close enough to touch. They don't really let you pet them, but if you move fast ... you can touch a nose or a hip before they step away ... or run ... depending on the personality.
I love the feel of a cow tongue. Ever felt one? It's quite an experience. I encourage everyone to do it. We used to feed the cows the left overs of cleaning the corn from the garden. They reach for it with their long tongues ... and if you maneuvered just right ... they'd wrap it around your hand and you could feel their tongues on your skin! Try it sometime!

A couple of weeks ago I got to pet (really pet) some young calves and their moms. They were very tame and I was glad because I have always been a little leery of cows.
Cows are so big ... they can be scary!
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