Thursday, August 23, 2007


Farming: Loading Corn

There's Bill ...(Doug's Dad) ... looking to see how the loading progress is going. And yes ... that is me behind the camera. I tried to get some good shots of them ... while at the same time staying out of the way. It wasn't too bad ... they're used to me having my camera with me all of the time. :)
There's Doug. He has a good view from up there. I have to tell you that the truck load of corn was an amazing sight for me. And it smelled really good!
There's Doug inside the bin. He had to do a lot of scooping so the auger kept up it's pace. I'm sure it was hot in there, but he didn't complain any at all! I had never seen the inside of a corn bin full of corn before.
There's the corn coming out of the auger. If you look closely you can see the dust coming off of the corn as it's loaded. Amazingly ... neither my allergies or my asthma was set off too badly. I had my nebulizer there with me ... just in case.
And there I am sitting on the tractor. I took a lot of these pictures while I was perched on that seat!!!

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