Thursday, August 30, 2007


General, Dragonflies:

I was visiting blogs yesterday and I think if was floridacrackers blog (Pure Florida) that featured some pictures of the dragonflies out at his pond.

I'll share a dragonfly experience that I had.

The other day, while out for a ride on the three wheeler built for two,
we passed a spot where someone had about ten round bales of hay stored off
beside a fence.
There were dragonflies all around it. I had never seen so many in one spot before.
They were very graceful in flight and I watched them for a little while.

This was my first time to see dragonflies in a group, or swarm, or whatever you might call a group of dragonflies.

Last Sunday, while sitting at the edge of the pond, feeding the catfish at the pond and waiting to see the sunset,
I saw one or two dragonflies fly over the pond.
I pointed them out to Doug,
looked up,
and you could see the whole group of them flying in over the tree tops.
It was quite a sight.
I didn't know that they traveled in groups and I didn't know that they could fly so high.
I was amazed.
I was also surprised at how fast they can fly when they're on their way somewhere.


I have lived in the country all my life--well most of it--and I have never seen dragonflies in a group. I have seen one or two but not alot of them together.
Hi Dee! This was the first time that I can remember seeing them in groups like that. It felt a little strange.
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