Wednesday, August 01, 2007



Forgot my picture disks ... So you're just stuck with me today!!!
Hmmm ... What shall I ramble about?????

Saturday, I had biscuits and gravy with bacon on the side. Mmmm ... Tasty!

We found a Dollar Tree that had everything on sale for .25 cents. Yes, I bought some stuff.

There were lots of puppies at the Thresher's Show and I think that I held every single one of them!!!! Really! They were all so cute and cuddly. Well, except for a couple who wanted to nip and play. But that's what puppies do!!!!

I got two new sets of salt and pepper shakers. I don't have pictures of them just yet, but they will be showing up here soon. Very soon!!!!!!

Sunday I went to the tractor pull. I really enjoyed that. I took lots of pictures. Yes ... you know very well what that means!!!!!

Went for a three wheeler ride Sunday evening. We checked the crops, had a picnic and found some baby King Birds that had either fallen out of the nest or jumped out a tad too soon. Movement just happened to catch my eye and when I investigated ... there they were. There were two of them. Cute as could be! They didn't like having their picture taken though ... neither did their parents. I was scolded big time!!!!

Well, I hope that you have a great day and I'll try to remember my picture disks tomorrow.
Talk to you then!!!!

I've never seen baby kingbirds. Did you get any photos?
I'm really impressed by the 25ยข dollar store bargains.
Hi Larry! Yes, I'll post some pictures of them next week. They had the cutest fuzzy little heads!!!

Hi Granny! Oh, I really enjoyed the .25 cent bargains! I went crazy!!!!
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