Tuesday, August 14, 2007



Friday ...
Let's see ...
I knew that I was going to spend the next day out in the heat all day, so I rested as much as possible in hopes that I wouldn't end up sick with my lupus on Sunday!!!
(sometimes that works and sometimes that doesn't!)

Doug and I watched "Operations Dumbo Drop". I hadn't seen that in a long time and really enjoyed it!
I colored in some of my coloring books. I hadn't done that since last winter!!! I really like to color. I've had crayons and a coloring book for as long as I can remember!
Coloring is fun!
And you're never too old to color!

We played several games of marbles and I won three in a row!!!!!
Don't worry ... Doug got me back later!!!!!
The glory never lasts for long!!!
As far as I know ... neither one of us got mad!!!!!

We watched "Along Came a Spider". I hadn't seen it before and it was really good. It was a mystery/drama/detective type of movie. The ending surprised me! That is always good!

I made pork chops for supper and I think we played even MORE marbles after that.
Like I said ... the point was to relax and prepare my little body for the next day.
And besides ...
I enjoy a nice relaxing day like that every once in a while!
You should too!

My sister has Lupus and sometimes the recovery after 'days out' is just so miserable for her. I do understand it can be trying. But it's nice to see that you had a nice enjoyable, relaxing day. I love that you color in your coloring books. While I was pregnant with the first baby, I was thinking of all the toys I'd be able to play with on the premise of playing with him. LOL...I enjoy coloring and playdough as much if not more than they do! Good to see you back, Ava!
Oh my gosh! Playdough!! I used to have a playdough hair cut salon! What fun!

Yes, the Lupus is trying ... but you do what you can. :)
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