Wednesday, August 29, 2007



Yesterday I drove down the the Mississippi river front to see the cresting progress going on down there.

The water was just beginning to come up into the parking lot.
While I was there I was watching the ducks.
Usually they are spread out in little groups,
but today they were all together in a large group.
I wonder if the fast running flood waters have anything to do with that?

I counted 28 mallard hens
and only 1 mallard drake.
I thought this was odd since there ratio is usually more like two to three hens to each drake.
I had fun watching them as they flipped up their little duck bottoms to eat off of the bottom of the shore line.
Their little tail feathers sticking straight up into the air!
It struck me funny and made me giggle.

Here's what I saw:
1 white heron across the river on a log ...
1 white heron standing on the shore a few feet down ...
1 white heron standing in the brush (which I thought was odd) ...
4 Canadian geese ...
28 mallard hens ...
1 mallard drake ...
1 white goose ...
and ...
1 white heron flying across to the other side of the river.

(Yes ... that's 4 white herons total ... they were all different birds.)

I enjoyed my visit and then headed home.
I'll have some pictures later.

Hey Ava!
I just spent a few minutes scrolling through your posts. Cool shots of the fair and the farm!
Hi Ava ~~ Thanks for stopping by, and
hello back to you. I enjoyed seeing the farm animals and your various other photos. I am so glad that you are having a happy life at present.
Continue to stay well and happy.
Take care, Love, Merle.
Hey you two!! Glad that you stopped by. Hope that you have a great weekend.
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