Tuesday, August 07, 2007



Saturday ...

just took it easy while my back recovered from the previous night of spasms and pain.
Ate some sweet corn. My goodness ... was it ever good! Lots of butter ... quite messy ... and enjoyed clear down to the last kernel of corn!!!!! Mmmm!!!!!

Watched some movies ...
played marbles with Doug.
We were vicious with our marbles on this particular day.
During one game, he kept my orange marbles all knocked off almost the entire game!!!!!
It was really hard not to get mad!
I know ... it's just a game ... be a good sport and all ...
But Dang!!! The whole game???????
I wanted to cry!!!!
It worked out okay in the end though, because I DID get mad and came back with a vengeance and I believe that I won that game!!!!

No, don't feel bad for me ... I've been just as mean to him during marbles before!!!! It's fun when you're the one being mean!!!! Not so fun when you're the one losing!!!!!

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