Tuesday, August 07, 2007



Friday was a fun day!!
I slept in ... watched TV in bed!!!!
Packed drinks in the cooler later that evening and headed to the Demolition Derby!!!! I hadn't been to one of those since I was little!!!! It was awesome!!!!!
You know, I couldn't help but find myself making the "oh ... ah" comments and talking to the drivers ... as if they could even hear me!!!
It was very fun and I enjoyed it very much!!!
Yes, there will be pictures, but not just yet. (smile)

Then ...
after sitting in the bleachers for six hours straight ...
my back went into spasms and it was miserable.
By the time I was half way home ... I knew I was in trouble.
After some pain medicine and laying on the heat pad I was finally able to relax long enough to go to sleep. That was miserable!
Worth it!!
But miserable none the less!

Yes, it's all better now!

Loved the Derby!

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