Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Happy Tuesday!

My day started by rolling out of bed ten minutes before I was supposed to be here!
Slapped my hair in a pony tail,
got a drink of water,
and here I am.
I still have sheet marks on the right side of my face and my arm ...
but hey ... I'm here!!!!!

Hope that you all had a great weekend!
We camped at the Thresher's Show in Montgomery City, Missouri all weekend.
Had a ball!!!!
I do have to say though ... tent camping has convinced me that I need a little camper to pull behind my blazer!!!

Speaking of the blazer ...
it's in the shop having some work done and should be out Thursday or Friday. I'm hoping for Thursday morning!!!!! But it will probably end up being Friday. I'll be glad to get it back. The PT Cruiser that I rented is very nice, but I miss Hank!!!! (that's my blazer)

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