Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Old Threshers:

Went camping in Montgomery City, Missouri for three days at the Thresher's Show they had there. Look at everything that I squeezed into my Blazer ... including the little John Deere Tractor!!!! Can I pack ... or can I pack?????
First, I had to take both tents out, and the instruments and some of the suitcases before we could even begin to think about getting the tractor out!!!!
There's Doug unloading the little tractor!!!!
Almost there!!!!
He had to take the exhaust off and the steering wheel off in order for it to fit into my car.
Almost all unpacked!! What was in there? One tractor, two tents, one guitar, two mandolins, two fiddles, a marble board, two chairs, three coolers, four duffle bags of "stuff", one back pack to carry drinks in, two music bags, my clothes, four pillows, a blow up air mattress, three blankets, a music stand, a music case, some groceries ... and two people!!!!
And ... there it is with it's exhaust and steering wheel put back on! Now ... you may ask why I had a tractor in the back of my car? Well, this particular one is what we ride on ... you know ... instead of walking all over the place. There's a little trailer with a seat that is pulled behind this and that is what I ride on. With my lupus ... it actually keeps me from getting sick from walking in the heat. I love this little tractor and my "rumble" seat.

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