Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Taking out the scraps!!!

Okay ...
it's been said that I am easily entertained.
Maybe they were right!!!!!
Here I am following Doug as he takes out the scraps from the kitchen. His mom had just been working up some of the vegetables that she had brought in from the garden!
Poor Doug and his tag along camera toting shadow!!!!!

Here we are at the fence. In the distance we can see the chicken coop where he used to throw scraps to the chickens. It's empty now, so he just throws them over the fence.

Here's the action shot!!! Now, I would have had some trouble reaching over the fence, but Doug just lifts his arms and over it goes! It was cucumber and tomato scraps ... almost looked good enough to eat!!!!!

See???? I told you so!!!!!

Ouch! Do not attempt this on your own ... it's very painful!!!!! An unknown fact is that scrap dumping can be very dangerous and should always be done on the "buddy system". You just never know when your hand might get stuck under that mean old bucket handle and you might need someone to go for help!


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