Thursday, August 30, 2007


Wheat Harvest, Farming:

Here are some pictures that Doug took during the wheat harvest.
I love these pictures!

Cutting wheat on the combine ...
That's Jesse in one of the combines ... loading the truck.
There's the truck ... ready to go.
And this is what you do during your break time!!!!!

I always enjoy your pictures. These are great. They remind me of my Grandpa. He was a farmer, not of wheat, but cotton and alfalfa. With that thought in mind I looked at the pictures of the men sitting and talk in the previous post. They do look like farmers. There is something about that dark tan on the back of the neck. :-)
Visiting Grandpa's farm was always a special treat. Thank you for reminding me how lucky I was to have enjoyed it.
Stopping by to say "Hi". Hope you're doing well.
Hi Oshee! Yes, I agree ... there is something about that dark tan on the back of the neck!!! Sexy!!!

Hi Tina! All is well here!
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