Wednesday, September 05, 2007



We've recently been talking about dragonflies and there has been a question that I've been wondering about.
I don't know that much about dragonflies.
They're neat and pretty.
They're fun to watch.
But what else?

Here's what I found out ...

There are over 5,000 species of dragonflies.
That's a lot of dragonflies!

They are usually found near water but can fly far distances.

They can fly between 19 to 38 mph.
No wonder it looks as if they are "zipping" around!!!!

Their enemies are birds, spiders, frogs and larger dragonflies.

Can a dragonfly bite?
but ...
the larger ones may try to bite, but they're not able to break the skin.

Here's what I've always wondered ...
What do dragonflies eat?

I found out that they eat other flying insects.
Particularly midges (gnats) and mosquitoes.
They will also eat butterflies, moths and smaller dragonflies.

I hope that you enjoyed finding out more about dragonflies with me.
Mystery solved!

Fun and interesting information, Ava! Larry and I saw many dragonflies and martins or swallows feeding on insects at the river on Saturday evening.
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