Thursday, September 13, 2007



I've been working on a bunch of new songs to sing.
It's always fun to work on some new music now and then.
Keeps you on your toes and breaks up the routine!
That's always good.

I have a lot to get done today, so I guess I should get going!
My love to you all!
Have a great weekend!

Hii Ava ~~ Good luck with the new songs. Congrats to Doug actually making a mandolin, and I swear you get prettier every photo I see of you. Must be because you are so happy-- which is wonderful.
Thanks for your visit, I love the wall hanging the kids did for me. Have a great weekend my friend, Love, Merle.
That's a lovely photo.

You have a great weekend too.
Oh wow! Doug made that mandolin?!?! That's amazing!!

Have a good weekend.
Thank you Merle, Granny and Tina!

Merle, I am happier than I've ever been!!! It sure makes life enjoyable, doesn't it?

Ann, I hope that things are improving out your way.

Tina, I'll be sure to pass that along to Doug. He's going to make one for me ... one of these days!
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