Tuesday, September 25, 2007



Let's see ...

Saturday ... we awoke feeling much better ... but still sick.
We had planned to go to Quincy and rearrange my room there ... we talked it over ...
shrugged ... and said why not!
So off we went!

When that was done, we headed off for Jacksonville, IL to look at the grounds where the Old Thresher's Show is going to be next weekend. I got some really good pictures of some steam engines, tractors, barns and some other things. It was a good trip!

Then we headed to Summer Hill, IL to the Clark 54 Drive In Movie Theater.
We had packed all kinds of snacks and a cooler of Pepsi for the night.
All I ended up eating was about half of my bag of popcorn and two cans of Pepsi.
You must remember ... we couldn't breathe ... our heads hurt ... and we had just eaten supper not too long ago.

Well, what was showing?

This was my first time to see any of the Halloween movies.
Now I understand what all of my friends were talking about!

Superbad was a little different, but funny.
It had a couple of redeeming moments.

On a sad note ... I was planning to take my parents there when they're here next weekend to visit ...
but ...
when Doug asked what would be showing ... he was told that this was the last showing of the season.


At any rate ...
we had a great evening and enjoyed ourselves very much.

By the time we got home ... we were tired!
We took our medicines ... got all "Vicks"ed up ... and collapsed.

Speaking of Vicks Vapor Rub ...
I had a doctor tell me one time that Vicks Vapor Rub was just a myth ...
that it didn't really do anything for you at all.

Well ... I beg to differ. When you go from not being able to breathe ... to being able to breathe ... I think it's doing something for you!!!!


I remember the days of my mom putting a warmed cloth covered in Vicks on my chest. I felt better immediately.

I really don't care if the cure is physical or mental as long as I can breathe again.

P. S. It works on a sore nose too although it stings a little when you first put it on.
I wanted to go to the drive-in this summer, but didn't get around to it. My brother went and enjoyed it. Hopefully it will be open again next summer. They have a website they update with their weekly showings. I agree with you and granny, Vicks has helped me breathe many a time and I always have a jar on hand for a cold.
Hi Ava. Hope your feeling a lot betternow, And I think Vicks works wonders I always have a jar in the cabinet and use it on the Grandies when they arrive with a runny nose.
Ill be back to read more when i get my computer back from the repairers,
Hope you're both feeling better now. I always feel better just after opening a jar of Vicks.

It's hard to believe summer is already over. I think we only went to the drive-in twice this year.
Just stopping in to say, Hi and to see how you are doing. Hope all is well with you.
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