Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Happy Tuesday to You!

I survived the weekend. (sigh)
Thursday ...
I didn't even get to play music Thursday night.
By the time I got there a migraine had kicked in ... my asthma was making it difficult to breathe ... I was having muscle spasms all over my body and my pleurisy was acting up and I was having chest pains. I felt so bad ... I didn't even go for a three wheeler ride!!! Dang! That's bad!

After supper, we said our goodbyes and Doug drove me back to the apartment.
I had a breathing treatment, took some pain medication, a sinus pill, laid on the heating pad and went to sleep ...eventually.
It turned out that after my breathing treatment ... the muscle spasms stopped. I guess I wasn't getting enough oxygen. I've always associated the muscle spasms with being dehydrated ... but I guess it makes sense that the same thing would happen if you weren't getting enough oxygen.

You live and learn.

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