Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Log Cabin:

This is a log cabin located across from one of the bean fields.
Yes ... it is a log cabin. Siding was applied to the outside, but you can still see the logs from the inside. Let's go on in ...

I found it amazing that the logs were still in such good shape! Look at that! You can see the marks that were hewn by the ax!
What hard work it must have been to have cut all of that by hand and prepared each log to fit together.
Here, you can see where another layer of wood was placed over the logs to make a "remodeled" wall.
What is that? That's what we wanted to know! We were startled to death by the most horrible and frightening sound that I had ever heard. Made you think that you were about to be gobbled up by some kind of monster and die a horrible and painful death!!!!

It was a baby buzzard! I had no idea that they made such a sound! Curiosity got the best of us though, and instead of running for our very lives ... we investigated ... very slowly and carefully ... perched precariously on top of an old washing machine ... while it wobbled ... me so short that I had to stand on my tip toes and hang on for dear life to the rotted floor above my head for some stability ... with Doug hanging on to my legs in case I fell ... while at the same time trying to take pictures without getting stuck by a rusty nail and having to go get a shot ... whew!

Doug ... being much taller than me ... stood on the wobbly washer and could see much better than I could. He took most of the pictures from the attic since he could just stand there with both hands free. (smarty pants)

Anyway, it was an adventure and the cabin was very interesting.

Lucky you to meet a baby turkey vulture! I've talked with several people who have encountered such birds in old barns and houses.
Great shots of the cabin. I do wonder where mommy buzzard was though.
Hi Ava ~~ I had the same thought as
Granny - Where's the mother buzzard?
That log cabin is great and a great
reminder that things were hard in the old days. Doug did well with the photos. Pity about we little people
Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.
Hi Larry! It was a very frightful sound, that's for sure!

Hi Granny! There were no adult vultures around ... although we did find some big black feathers!

Hi Merle! Power to the little people!
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