Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Remember building sand castles?

Did you ever have a sand box to play in when you were a kid?
I sure did and I loved building things out of the sand ...
but I never created anything like these!!!!

Check out this mother dragon and her nest of eggs! If you look closely, you can even see that the eggs are hatching and there are baby dragons lounging about and even one in the process of hatching!!!! The poor thing is chained up, though!!

Ohhhhh ... this brave knight tried to save the damsel in distress and appears to have lost his life in the process. Look at the detail of his hands and fingers.

Check out this lion! Those are some vicious claws he is showing there! Look at the marks in the sand where he left drag marks with his claws! And those eyes ... they're looking right at us!

Check out the dead pirates and the treasure chest!!! How do we know that they are pirates? Look a little closer ... that big one is wearing an eye patch!!!!!! Must be pirates!!!!!

Those are amazing! I spent a lot of time on the beach but could never come up with anything more than a simple castle and moat.
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