Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Salt and Pepper Shakers:

Here are some of my salt and pepper shakers. Most of them are ones that I have collected individually over the years, but some of them also belonged to various family members. The two clown dogs were my Grandmother's. It's hard to see, but in the upper left corner there is a cat sitting in a fish basket (there's a matching one not visible here) ... anyway, these belonged to my Great Grandmother. I love them all, but the ones that were from family are very special to me.

See the beetles in the upper left corner? I found them in a box in the garage of an old house that I used to live in about twelve years ago. The baby in the bathtub is from the dollhouse that I used to play with when I was a little girl. See the toilet???? And the toaster with toast in it????

The three Vess Soda bottles were from my Great Grandmother ... and there's the matching cat in a fish basket that was also hers. See the in the front row ... the birds with the yellow belly and blue heads? I found a set just like this locally for $45. No way was I paying that much. This set was my first E-bay purchase ... for $12!!!!! I was so proud of myself!

This is a special shelf. All of the ones you see in the above picture belonged to my Dad. He collected them as a boy when he was in 4-H and this was one of his projects. He told me that he used to display them in some of the store front windows down on the square. I think they're awesome!!!

Here's another special spot on the the shelves. The items on the tray belonged to one of my Grandmothers. There's a variety of figurines, salt and pepper shakers ... and that is her hair brush in the blue holder. It even has some of her hair in it.

Yes ... I'm sentimental!!!!!!

I treasure these things!

That's so neat!! I think you posted some of them back when we first met too.

Have you ever counted them?
Hello Ava ~~ What a wonderful collection. There are some beauties there. I liked the Beatles, and the feet one and the older bigger ones
that belonged to your grandmother, and great grand mother. Som elovely things you have. Thank you for sharing them with us. Thanks for your visit to my place and glad you enjoy. Take care, Love, Merle.
Hi Ava.
Just popped in to say thanks for your visit.
What a great collection you have and such a variety,nice to meet you and I will put you on my link list.
Stay Well
Hi Granny! Yes, you are right! I did post them way back when. :)

I have counted them, but when I had the sale for the move, I sold 50 sets of them, so I'm not sure exactly how many I have right now.
Hi Merle! THank you for the compliment on the collection. I enjoy looking them over every once in a while. I like the feet too!
Hi Gwen! Thank you for coming by the blog! I look forward to seeing you again!
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