Monday, September 17, 2007


Shelbina Old Threshers Show:

I survived!!!!!
I thought I might ... but wasn't sure!

Spent the weekend at another Old Thresher's Show ... this time in Shelbina, Missouri.
Set up the tent again ... loaded it up with blankets ... blankets ... blankets ... blankets ... blankets ... and even more blankets!!!

Well, Friday night it got down into the low 30's.
Let's just say ... it was a little chilly out there in that tent!!!!!
I was warm in my blankets, but my face and my hands were cold. I woke up every once in a while and adjusted my sleeping position and got all covered back up again.

Saturday night it only got down in the 40's ... I slept really well and stayed nice and warm in my blankets.

The show was great and I had a very good time.
I'll have pictures later this week of me on my new wagon that Doug built for me.
I enjoyed it very much!!!!
If I had to do all of that walking, my lupus would get the best of me after about an hour or two, but with my wagon, I'm able to go all day!!!!
except for one little nap around noon time, but that's to be expected after playing music at night.

Hope you all had a good weekend!

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