Monday, September 17, 2007


Shelbine Old Threshers, Horse Arena:

One of the things going on during the show this weekend was
horsemanship competitions on Saturday,
then the ranch horse competitions on Sunday.
We didn't watch them all ... there was too many other things to see and places to be,
but we did manage to watch a couple of hours of what was going on each day.

I love horses!
I used to ride all of the time, but don't own any horses now.
I wish that I did, but don't have anywhere to keep one.
I'd ride every day if I did!

But it was fun for me to watch the other riders showing off their skills.
Doug and I sat close enough to the fence of the arena that one of the cutting horses kicked dirt in our faces while cutting the cattle!!!!
But that was great!
Although ... it did get my new wagon dirty!!!
(ha ha)

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