Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Tractors, Macon Thresher's Show:

Here are a few of the tractors from the Old Thresher's Show,
in Macon, Missouri last.
I like the ones with the metal wheels like this.

Lots of fun!
Anyway, hope that you enjoyed the pictures. There will be more!!!!!

Oh it's pretty sad when I have to admit that some of those look in better shape than our current tractor! Less rust, anyway! :)
Hi Ava ~~ Thanks for sharing those photos with us. I get the feeling
that you enjoyed that Macon Thresher's Show. The tractors are nice. Thanks for your visit. Glad you enjoyed seeing my grand-daughters
Take care and continue to enjoy your life. Love, Merle.
Hi Rurality! So glad you stopped by!! I don't know ... to some us ... the rust has an appealing quality!!! Besides ... these are "show" tractors. (smile)

Hi Merle! THank you so much! You keep on enjoying life too, little lady!
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