Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Lady Bugs

Remember Lady Bugs?
They have always fascinated me.
They're so pretty.
I rarely see them these days,
although I do see them outside in the garden once in a while.
What we mostly have here are those orange beetles that look like
lady bugs, but they're orange and a bit larger.
Oh, and one other thing ...
We get swarmed every fall when they hibernate and then again in the spring when they burst out upon the world again. They get on the walls, in the lights, on the furniture ... everywhere. And it really hurts when they bite.
I still get very excited when I find a genuine Lady Bug.
It doesn't matter where I am ... I pick it up and go show it to the closest person I can find.
A person never outgrows Lady Bugs!!!!

I've had a lot of changes in my life, some of which I can't post publicly. I'll be glad to bring you up to date in email though.

I'm doing most of my communicating through FaceBook. Let me know if you want the link and I'll send it to me.

Hugs from California. Glad all is well with you.
Oops. Meant I'll send it to YOU. I was multitasking which I don't do well.
Dear Ava ~~ I often see Lady-bugs and they are so pretty. I haven't seen the bitey ones thankfully.
Glad you enjoyed my post and the story of John 3:16. Take care,
Love, Merle.
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