Thursday, August 12, 2010


My Flowers ...

Here are some of my flowers ...
The sun was very bright when I shot these.

I had just mown the lawn,
so there is grass thrown everywhere from the mower.

I always plant marigolds.
My Grandma Testerman always had marigolds in her hot box
to keep things out of her vegetables.
They make me think of her.

And here is a grass covered rose.
It's the only bloom that I have right now.
I have three other plants.
I need to feed them.

And here are some of the wild flowers along the
edge of our woods.

I just love them.
I think they're very pretty.

Here they are along the edge of the woods ...

This shot below gives you a look
into the woods next to us.
I enjoy walking out there in the fall and winter,
but I stay away from the ticks
and mosquittos in the summer.

Here's a shot of my cherry tomatoes on the vine.
I had just picked and eaten the ripe ones!
Hee hee ...

Hope that you all have a great day.
Happy Thursday to you all!

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