Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Laundry Day

Well, today was laundry day.
I got it all done!!

Only went out to run one errand today.
Other than that, stayed home in the warmth.
We had plenty of sunshine,
but cold temperatures.
It's going to be a while before all of this snow melts.

It's pretty ...
as long as the roads are clear ...
and you don't slip in it!!!

I practiced banjo for an hour today.
I'm working on a crochet project and crocheted for three and a half hours today.
I'm hoping to have it finished by Dec. 15th.
We'll see ...

My students were all happy because they've had some snow days and no school.
Some of them slept in while others got up bright and early to play in the snow.
Others had to shovel ... they weren't happy.



I survived the snow storm!!!!
Took three and a half hours to get dug out,
but made it just fine.
Well, except for all of those sore muscles and a wrist that wouldn't work for three days.
Other than that ... all went well.
And I have to tell you ...
I am absolutely in love with my four wheel drive vehicle now.
What a difference it made.

Hope that you all are doing well and warm or cool ...
depending on where you are in the world.


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