Tuesday, July 31, 2007



Played marbles with Doug and his Mom ...
She won two out of three games!!!!



Here's one of the bridges that we crossed on our walk.

Here's a view of the stream and the woods.

There's Doug looking down at the water.

Isn't that just beautiful?



I'm still a little home sick ...
Here's my Dad.

Here's Mom #2 ...

And here is my Grandma Mayo.

I love you all so much!!!


Jolly Mill:

I found this old house on my trip to Jolly Mill.
I just couldn't resist checking it out!!!


Doug, Flowers:

Here are some beautiful flowers that Doug got for me.

I just loved them!



Went to a dance Friday night.
It was a lot of fun.
We danced just about every dance!
Of course ...
we had to stop off on the way and look at some engines and cars ...
you know ...
engines for him ...
dancing for me!!!!
Had a great time!


North Ely Opry:

Here we are at a nursing home.

Recognize those fiddlers?

And there is what it's all about ...


General: Happy Tuesday!!!!

And just how are y'all doing?
I had a great weekend.
I'm exhausted!
Went camping for three days!
I said camping!
Slept in the back of the blazer.
It wasn't too bad ...
but I'm tenting it next time!!!
Went to an Old Thresher's Show in Macon, Missouri
and had a great time!
Lots of things to see ...
rode on the John Deere all weekend ...
went to the flea markets ...
spent the whole weekend with Doug ...
played marbles ...
played music ...
I really enjoyed it.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Thresher's Show:

Some pictures from one of last years Old Thresher's Shows.
Hope that you enjoy!
Ta-ta for now!


North Ely Opry:

(Danny, Doug, Ava)
It is Thursday!!!!
Music Thursday!!!!!!!!

(Alan, Jim, John)





Pond, Walk:

There's our feet ...
side by side!
And ...
below are out footprints!

These are pictures from the pond at Doug's house. It is a large pond and just as beautiful as can be.

We sprinkled some water in for this one! I like the little ripples and rings that it caused!



I miss my son, Chris.
I haven't seen him in a while.
Last time I talked to him, he was doing fine.
He works construction and the heat has been hard on them.


Jolly Mill:

Mom and Dad in the car ...
Doug and Ava in the car ...
Here's a view of the mill. It is such a beautiful place and I just love it there. When I look at these pictures, I can hear the laughter of my children as we picniced and played there when they were little.
We used to fish here ... while eating our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.


Har-ber Village:

Here's a railroad spike collection for you. I know that you really can't see what the labels say, but each spike is labeled where it came from, what year and other interesting information. I though that it was very cool!!!!

Now ... here's a pipe collection. They actually had some very interesting pipes and I tried to get some good pictures. It's difficult to take pictures through glass, but I think they turned out okay. They had everything from corncob pipes to very beautifully carved pipes.



I may have told you already ...
can't remember ...
I'm reading a new book ...
"Mistaken Identity"
Lisa Scottoline.
I bought a bag of books for $1
at a garage sale last weekend.



Bonnie Loves Rob ...
Hmmm ...
Do you think I could build me a big red barn ...
Bigger than this one, of course ...
and paint
Ava loves Doug
in great big letters?



I have the Wahoo blues!
What is that?
Wahoo is the name of the marble game that I'm so fond of.
And ...
I haven't gotten to play since last Saturday or Sunday!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Farming, Loading Corn:

I followed Doug and Bill as they loaded a load of corn into the auger wagon. I tried to stay out of the way so that I didn't cause an accident, but get some pictures at the same time. :) You know how that goes!!! There are more, but here's a few of them.

Doug had to climb inside the bin and scoop toward the auger when the corn quit moving on its own. I didn't get in there, but it sure did look hot in there! That shoveling is hard work. It makes my back ache just to think about it.

More corn...

More scooping ...

Almost done!

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