Thursday, May 31, 2007


Time is up!

my library hour on the computer
is almost up ...
So ...
I will say goodbye now.

I will have vacation details
(yes, I know you are dying to know!)
and pictures next week to share.

I have music tonight and on Saturday.
I'm working up some new songs to sing out at
Clayton ...
So far ... so good!

Anyway ...
I'll be having fun ...
and I hope that you are too!!

My love to you all!
Have a great weekend.



Here's Julie!!!
We're all in the car
heading to Fiddlesticks for lunch.

There's Tom in the back seat!

There's Doug!

And there I am ...

once again with no makeup on!


We had a great lunch and a lot of fun.

Brought them back to my apartment and we played marbles!

They won!!!!


Ava: On a walk

Here I am on a walk ...
putting my coat on.
You can see Tom, Julie and Hunter's stroller
in the back ground.
We were going for a walk at the park.


Doug and Ava:

Here's a picture of our feet
as we sit and play some



Here are some Peonies out
at Doug's house.
I like the way they are planted.
Very creative.



This is a picture I took of the pond
out at Ely.
It was just beautiful.
This was taken earlier ...
before the leaves were out.



Here's a picture I took of an old barn.
I think this is a beautiful picture.
I like the contrast of the dark and the light.



These are my hands playing the piano.
I'm in my green fuzzy robe ...
Very comfy way to start the day!
I love music!!!!



Have you all been seeing very many butterflies?
I thought this one was pretty.
Green is my favorite color ...
So this one caught my eye.



I did not take this picture,
but I thought it was very pretty
and serene.

Hope that you like it too!


Thursday Again!!!!!

here it is Thursday again.
That means
that it is music night at the Opry!
I can't wait to get there.

I just got back from vacation!
Had a great time.
I'm very tired and plan to
get some rest over the weekend.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Just For Fun ...

Okay ...
I just couldn't help posting these.


This is the way you brush your teeth ...
Brush your teeth ...
Brush your teeth ...

This is the way you brush your teeth ...
So early in the morning!!!!


Happy Week to You!

I hope that you all have a great week
a great weekend as well.

Stay safe if you're traveling.

I'm going to be quite busy,
so if I don't post for a little while,
don't worry ...
I will be back!!!!!

My love to you all!


Wish me luck!

wish me luck everyone.
I'm going to be getting a perm this week.

I know it will turn out okay,
but I'm always scared when it comes to perming my hair.

I have long hair and in the summer it's just
to dang hot to wear it down.
Hair is so much easier to pin up when it has some
body to it.
Soooooo ...
perm ...
here I come!!!!


Me and my boys!

Well, they're
ages 22 and 20 ...
but they will always be my boys!!!!


Big Kiss For Me!

There I am
right in the middle of my two sons
getting a big kiss from each of them.

That is Chris in the red
Tom in the black.
That's me in the middle, of course!!!!

I sure love those guys and their families!


Marbles Anyone?

Anyone up for a game of marbles?

There's Doug trying to
decided what move to make.

There I am ...

The competition is fierce!

Much planning is required!

Box cars!!!


Fiddling Around

How's that for a picture?
Look at that golden bow going across those strings!

Monday, May 21, 2007


Happy Monday!

it is Monday once again!

I hope that you all had a great weekend.
There was lots of sunshine here ...
for a change.

The rain is not done ...
more headed this way,
but that's okay.

I'll be back later!

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Have a Great Weekend

I hope that you all
have a great weekend!

Have lots of fun!

Get some rest!

Eat some good food!

I'll talk to you on Monday!!!


A Night at the Opry

There I am playing my fiddle!!!

Go harmonica! Go!

That's Anita, Bernard and Danny!

There's Doug and John on their fiddles!
You get the three of us together ...
and ...

There's Danny, Banjo Bob, Garret and Jim.

(in order from left to right)

There's some bluegrass playin' goin' on!!!

Dick says ...

It is pleasing to the ears!

There's Willy on guitar

and Bill with a Pepsi!!!


Three Wheeler Ride!!!

Here's Doug and I each
sitting on the three wheeler.

He is so awesome!
He has built this one and it's so much fun!

I'll have more pictures of it later.
It isn't finished yet.
He's very imaginative
and I'm looking forward to
seeing the finished product.



I am quite proud to say,
I parallel parked my 4x4 beast ...
just like a professional!
There was even traffic waiting behind me ...
(the pressure is on!!!!)
but I got it in one take!!!

I was very pleased with myself!!!


The Little Fiddler

Here's a picture of a little figurine I found at an antique store.
No, it is not a salt and pepper shaker ...
which I collect ...
I just couldn't resist it.

The fiddler is playing for a little dog.
I used to sing for the cows!
Animals make a great audience!

I thought it was very cute!


Fiddle Cake

Here are some pictures of a cake I made.
I made it for Doug's birthday back in April.

I took it with me to the Opry and we ate it there.

It was a challenge to make.

I made two cakes and cut the fiddle out in two pieces

and then put them together with icing.

It was fun!

And it tasted very good!!!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Oil Change

I just got finished having my oil changed
and a new air filter put on.

The car got cleaned out and swept ...
so clean now you could eat off of the floor!!!
(I wouldn't do that though!)

One more day until music at the Opry!
I'm ready!
For some reason I'm missing music today.
I didn't think that would happen this week
after the music weekend I just had!

Happy day to you all!

I'll talk to you tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Happy Week To You!

it's a new week ...
and I am exhausted!

Our band,
Break Away,
played in Clayton Illinois
on Saturday night.
We had a ton of fun.
We stopped to look at
stars on the way home.
It was a great star night!
got home very late.

Then we played with
The North Ely Opry
at the Star Theater
in Hannibal, Missouri on Sunday afternoon.
My picking fingers were still sore from
the night before,
but I had a great time anyway!!!!!

We went to the park afterward for what we
thought was going to be a break...
instead ...
as soon as we laid out our blanket to sit on
and our instruments ...
a swarm of kids came over to listen.
Long story short ...
they were mesmerized by our instruments.
They ended up playing with us for at least an hour.
We had a five year old on the fiddle,
an eight year old on the mandolin,
an eleven year old on the guitar,
Doug on his fiddle,
and I sang (we were out of instruments).

I taught them all how to play the "G chord" and
Doug played songs in the key of G.
It may not have sounded "great"
but it didn't sound "that bad"
and the kids really had a good time!
I've never seen smiles so big!!!

By the time they all left,
we were really exhausted.

Hope you all had a great week,
a great Mother's Day
and a great week this week.

I'll catch up with you on your blogs later!

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Ava and Doug

And here I am ...
with my best friend in the whole world!!!!



Here's my little John Deere Tractor ...
That I love!!!
It sits on top of my television.
It's a reminder of a memory that makes me smile.


North Ely Opry

Here we are ...
The North Ely Opry ...
Playing at one of the nursing homes.

The top picture is of Doug and I playing our fiddles.

He's my boyfriend!!!!!

Here's a larger picture of the group.
I sure have a lot of fun playing and singing with them!
That's for sure!

And here's a shot of the whole group ...
musicians and singers together.

I normally use my own photos for posting,
but these were provided by Del.

A big thank you to him!!


Good Morning!

here I sit at the library ...
typing away!!!

It's been a dreary
rainy week this week ...
which in turn
has made me feel tired every day.

There will be
sometime soon!

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